The Sixth Mind

by B.G. Craft

What if one mind could control all reality?
Someone might want to steal it, or worse!
Paragon, a ‘smart-city of the future.’ Orion had the finest brain in the state-run Hivemind dictating everything… until they caught him in a mind-crime that could expose the secret of reality, as we know it.
In the space of a thought, he fell from privilege to prison.
Trapped in a bizarre asylum, his tormentors hack his mind, altering it to unleash superhuman powers. With only a madwoman for a guide and rebellious Iris pushing his limits, Orion struggles to control his unstable abilities and escape. The outcome will set them free or trap all of Paragon in a hellish surreality that lasts forever.
Join him in the fight that will take us to reality’s edge!
THE SIXTH MIND is a brain-bending sci-fi adventure by author B.G. Craft. It’s an insanely imaginative story of enormous scope and vision, reminiscent of The Matrix, Blade Runner, or 1984.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian