The Siren’s Song

by Heather Kindt

When an illustrious member of the Red Shadow shows up on her doorstep, Catron cannot believe he’s recruiting her to train at the Vradian Academy. It’s a school that’s for the land’s elite. As a glass blower’s daughter, she doesn’t feel worthy.

Fivlon would rather gouge both of his eyes out with an iron stick than attend the academy. Messing around with his friends is a lot more fun than attending school with a bunch of stuck-up future leaders. Following in his father’s footsteps as the head of Ferox isn’t a priority. Until one of his friends disappears.

When others begin to disappear from the school, Catron and Fivlon must put aside their differences to take on a new foe: sirens determined to make the academy their hunting grounds.

The Vradian Academy is a spin-off prequel to Kindt’s popular Eternal Artifacts series.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age