The Simmering Seas

by Frank Kennedy

Kara Syung seeks the truth about Hokkaido, where arable farmland is disappearing at a stunning pace. Some believe its rings are poisoning the planet. Yet Kara suspects the truth is more devastating.

She has watched her world falter since the Collectorate, a forty-world empire, fell eight years ago. Like other former colonies, Hokkaido is struggling on its own. Yet some worlds are moving to fill the power vacuum. When Kara discovers evidence of her world’s involvement, she confronts a horrifying reality.

She has few weapons: A lifelong best friend and servant, a murderous immortal, a rogue from the old empire, and a snub-nosed laser pistol. She is due to marry a man she does not love in seven days – whether she wants to or not. How much will Kara sacrifice to learn what is really happening on Hokkaido and beyond?

“This book twists your mind in ways you never imagined.” – Amazon review

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Splinter Alliance

by Frank Kennedy

For Kara Syung, an engineer and once heir to a fortune, the dangerous journey to uncover a horrifying secret continues a commitment she made to her late brother. However, she is far beyond her element, struggling to prove her value on on interstellar mission. Fortunately, she has Ham Cortez, the mission leader, and Cando, a soldier of the Twenty Talons, on her side. She will need them along with her engineering prowess if she is to survive the journey’s first stop.

They believe Artemis Station, once the home of the fabled Inventor, has been abandoned. Yet the truth lies in wait: An enemy no one saw coming; survival beneath a dead world; a traitor in their midst.

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