The Simmering Seas

by Frank Kennedy

Kara Syung leads a life of privilege among Hokkaido’s elites until her brother whispers his final warning: “They’re going to burn it all. Be a soldier.”

His body washes ashore days later, setting Kara on a mission for the truth.Yet powerful forces stand in her way – starting with her family and others who control the planet’s food supply. She has few weapons: A lifelong best friend, a murderous immortal on a crusade of his own, a rogue from an old galactic empire, and a snub-nose laser pistol.

Moreover, time and conscience works against her:
Does Kara have the strength to stand against everyone and everything she was taught to believe in? Will she find justice for her brother or surrender to a dark conspiracy that threatens Hokkaido and beyond?

Jump into the sprawling series Beyond the Impossible now, while the first two action-packed books are on sale.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Splinter Alliance

by Frank Kennedy

Kara Syung has joined an unlikely group of war-ravaged soldiers and terrorists to find the mysterious Inventor, whose greatest creation threatens to unravel the fabric of time and space.

Kara is far beyond her element, struggling to prove her value to the crew. Fortunately, she has Ham Cortez, the mission leader, and Cando, a soldier of the Twenty Talons, on her side. She will need them along with her engineering prowess if she is to survive the journey’s first stop.

They believe Artemis Station, once the home of the Inventor, has been abandoned. Yet the truth lies in wait: An enemy no one saw coming; survival beneath a dead world; and a traitor in their midst.

Previously $3.99