The Simmering Seas

by Frank Kennedy

Kara Syung leads a life of privilege among Hokkaido’s elites until her brother whispers his final warning: “They’re going to burn it all. Be a soldier.”
His body washes ashore days later, setting Kara on a mission for justice and the truth. Yet powerful forces stand in her way – starting with her family and others who control the planet’s food supply. She has few weapons: A lifelong best friend, a murderous immortal on a crusade of his own, a rogue from an old galactic empire, and a snub-nose laser pistol. Moreover, time and conscience works against her:
Does Kara have the strength to stand against everyone and everything she was taught to believe in? Will she find justice for her brother or surrender to a dark conspiracy that threatens Hokkaido and beyond?
Begin a journey into worlds of the unexpected as the battleground is set in this opening book of the series Beyond the Impossible.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure