The Signal Out of Space

by Mike Jack Stoumbos

Welcome to the Initiative!

A declawed reptilian engineer.

A furry medic concealing her noble heritage.

An insectoid programmed to adore humans.

An overeager human pilot named Lidstrom.

Everyone already knows that the reptiles adapt, the brutes endure, the bugs explore, and the humans… make war. Together, they aim for a fresh start with a brave new venture: the Interstellar Initiative, the galaxy’s best hope for peace, cooperation, and rewriting some nasty first impressions.

Unfortunately, this human-led venture is off to a rocky start. Tensions run high, and the species enrolled in the Initiative’s Academy are only a few mistranslations from tearing each other apart. They’ll have to learn to work together quickly, though, or an uninvited guest will destroy them all first.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure