The SHIVA Syndrome Trilogy

by Alan Joshua

Beau Walker is a psychological researcher, the son of a Mohawk—African-American marriage, and far more than an ordinary human. In the hidden recesses of this mind, he holds the key to human evolution–and its obliteration. A disgraced researcher, Walker is snatched by the government and forced to join a U.S./Russian scientific team investigating a massive Russian disaster that may be related to U.S. mind and biowarfare–and Walker’s earlier work.
From the team’s terrifying descent into a mile deep Russian crater, he enters into a surreal, paranoid world of advanced biotechnology, biowarfare, paranormal research, and military intrigue. The risks are staggering: Find the cause of the mysterious annihilation of Podol’sk and 10,000 souls or face planet-wide human obliteration.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure