The Shifting

by Nicholas Head

She’s earned the skills to survive anything… unless the Terror takes hold. Can this young woman keep her sanity and outwit a deadly landscape?
Colleen clings desperately to her vision. With her eyesight fading, she’s terrified of succumbing early to the mind-numbing madness gripping the world. Chasing a rumored cure in Oregon, she, her mom, and their faithful dog set out to cross the ravaged wasteland.

Beating back violent fascists and cannibals desperate for a meal, the two women soon find themselves dangerously off-course. And when her mother is murdered, the strong-minded teenager and her canine companion must brave the perilous wilderness alone.

Can she make it through this nightmarish menace before she loses her sight and her life?

The Shifting is the heart-pounding first tale in the Terror Saga post-apocalyptic dystopian series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Maddening

by Nicholas Head

She loved and trusted her parents…
…but they had secrets.
Will Colleen get the answers she needs?

Comfortable in the Portland survivalist settlement, she adored her first love, Marisha. It’s safe. Jackson, her loyal dog seemed content. Colleen should be happy, but the pull of the road and the mystery surrounding her parents might be too much to handle.

Marisha agreed to head to Seattle.

She had her own reasons.
As the World struggled and society continued to come to terms with rebuilding, Colleen, Marisha, and Jackson push forward. Hardened from the road, Colleen has improved with her blade and has become deadly in a fight. There’s just one problem…

…she can be rash.

Will one wrong decision cost them everything?
You’ll love the second book in the Post-Apocalyptic Terror Saga, because they must fight even harder to get to the truth.

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Previously $2.99