The Seventh Princess

by Matt Larkin

Claim the Sea … Embrace Destiny

In every generation a Princess is born to each island of Sawaiki, blessed with the power to control a single aspect of the natural world. Namaka’s power is arguably the most valuable of them all–in a world of archipelagos and endless ocean, she control the seas themselves.

The mer people of the Worldsea despise her for this power over their domain, all the more so because she can barely control her gift. At war amongst themselves, they harness this uncontrolled power by possessing Namaka with a mermaid spirit–turning her into one of them. As Namaka struggles to accept this new existence, she’s faced with conflict above the waves and war below. And if she cannot control her powers, both her worlds face annihilation.

The Seventh Princess is an original historical fantasy novel based on Hawaiian and Polynesian mythology. If you love Hawaiian princesses, mermaids, island gods, and tragic mythology, do not miss this new adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Burning Princess

by Matt Larkin

Passions flare and adventure erupts.

The explosive Princess of Flame, Pele, is on a mission. Her half-demon father has terrorized the Big Island long enough, burning and killing people for no crime worse than living. Even if Pele didn’t have an obligation to protect her people, she knows she has to stop her father’s reign of terror.

But Pele has more problems than just her father. A dark spirit haunts the site of her father’s last attack, a ghost even the kahuna cannot seem to banish. And now visitors arrive on the Big Island–unwelcome foreigners and the volatile Sea Princess herself. Pele cannot allow them to wreak the same devastation on her island they did on Namaka’s.

Previously $2.99