The Seventh Knight

by Robert Ryan

Ancient evil vies against prophecy, and out of chaos a hero emerges…

The realm of Faladir has known centuries of peace, until now. Of old, the Kingshield Knights were founded. They were warriors and men of learning. The six of them wandered the land and dispensed wisdom, knowledge and justice. But they bore a sacred charge greater still.

Their solemn trust was to guard against a primal evil. But they have fallen to its lure. Dark things stir. Beasts of nightmare stalk the land and haunt the skies. Blood-drenched sorcery casts its shadow over the realm.

Ancient prophecy foretold that when the Kingshield Knights failed the Seventh Knight would rise to challenge them. But the knights know this, and they seek to kill him before he comes into his destiny.

But fate will not be denied. And the Seventh Knight will stand tall to defy the powers of darkness…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic