The Seven Hungers: Brine Council

by Morgan Quaid

Heed the Brine song, for the Old Gods have returned, and the world will drown in brine and darkness.

On the back of his confrontation with the Crimson King, formerly disgraced Crown sorcerer, Ambrose Drake, is sent to picturesque Port Douglas to investigate a curious emergence. Still reeling from his recent elevation to Regional Director, Drake and his companions are confronted by something ancient and hungry which has clawed its way out of the briny depths.
Drake must meet this challenge while struggling to control the powerful Sovereign who resides within his flesh, a Hungerborn being that threatens to tip the balance and send Drake and his companions to a watery death.

Brine Council is a fast-paced, urban fantasy thriller with horror elements throughout. Fans of The Dresden Files, The Laundry Files, Constantine, and Hellboy will love this second book in The Seven Hungers series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban