The Second Sun

by Mike VanHoose

Laxis Dymon is a young woman of nineteen. Seemingly apart from the world, she lives a reticent lifestyle, satisfied by her solitude. She also possesses wonderous and mystical powers, the extent, and origins of which are unknown to her.
Tasked to capture the ancient and evil witch Wyo, she is met along the road to Steele Holm by a retainer of House Steele, Djain Klous. Unbeknownst to them, Lord Williard Steele has been murdered. Being held for questioning and execution is a young mother and servant of House Steele, a maid named Sallis.
The Steele family, having fled Steele Holm Keep after the murder of Lord Williard, leave only a distant cousin, the honorable knight Sir Marel Steele as lone remaining Steele to administer justice. It is his job as Keeper of the Dungeons to decide the fate of young Sallis.

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Category: Dark Fantasy