The Season of the Plough

by Luke R. J. Maynard

The Prophecy was wrong.
There is no Chosen One.

Coming of age under the weight of an epic destiny wasn’t easy. All Aewyn ever wanted was a home and family. But to the farmers of Widowvale, she was always meant for greatness: as a fae-blooded foundling, her mysterious birth was the stuff of fairy-tales. And a village of refugees from a looming civil war were in desperate need of something to believe in.

But prophecies can be misread, and the men who call themselves wise are often mistaken. When a primordial darkness stirs in the deep wood, and Aewyn’s dubious old mentor is sentenced to hang for treason, the supposed Chosen One must live or die by a choice of her own:

Will she forsake her home and her new family for the dubious destiny she’s been promised—or sacrifice it all for one chance to save them?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age