The Scrying

by Jaci Miller

A modern witch, an ancient warrior, two worlds about to collide.

As a witch living in a modern world, Dane is no stranger to keeping secrets but on the eve of her thirty-first birthday the truth behind her family bloodline is revealed and secrets she didn’t even know existed will change her life forever.

Searching for answers she journeys to the magical realm of her ancestors, where she is confronted by the only person that still exists on this archaic world, an ancient immortal warrior whose own destiny is fated to intertwine with hers.

Dane must reveal the truth behind the prophecy, finding those that are connected by blood and fate. For an evil is coming and only the ancient magic and those destined to wield it, can stop an ancient past from repeating itself.

Secrets will be revealed, sacrifices will be made, lives will be altered, for a dark destiny is rising.

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Category: Dark Fantasy