The Ruptured Sky: Gardens of War & Wasteland Book I

by Jessica A. McMinn

The Ruptured Sky is a first-in-series grimdark fantasy epic with a diverse cast of morally grey characters – perfect for fans of Anna Stephens, R F Kuang and Robin Hobb…

A dead goddess.
A broken sky.
A world wasted by magic.

Princess Amikharlia wants one thing in life: control of her own fate.

On the eve of her wedding, Amika flees her homeland, seeking the truth behind the mysterious magical abilities she’d kept hidden since childhood.

Taking up the life of a demon huntress, Amika uncovers a madman’s prophecy that would have her revive an ancient goddess—and destroy the world in the process.

Will Amika become a pawn in another man’s game or continue her fight against destiny’s shackles?

As a dark and dangerous power begins to rise, she must make her choice soon.

But is laying the world to waste truly the way to save it?

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Category: Dark Fantasy