The Rules for Lying

by L. A. Kelley

WARNING: No good comes from a book with magic, murder, sass talk, demons, animals committing felonies, gleeful revenge, and bad things happening to good people for no reason. The only lesson learned here is don’t lie unless you know the rules.

Life in New Jersey is harsh in the Great Depression, but Peter has the gift of lying. The arrival of a conjuror with mysterious designs on a little blind girl named Esther draws him into a plot to unleash a demon. Peter leads Esther and an enchanted terrier on a desperate escape to New Orleans. He meets Amelie Marchand, but with a murderous stepmother, she has troubles of her own. Their one chance for survival is to seek help in the bayou from a mad shaman known as the Frog King.

In an alternate 1930s, magic fills New Orleans’ air. Can mystical lies and a dash of Cajun crazy save Peter and his friends as hell on Earth draws near.

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History