The Rose Witch

by Chandelle LaVaun

His magic lurks in the shadows.
I feel his eyes on my back with every step I take. He’s following me. There’s nowhere to hide. He moves in shadows. He tracks me like a predator with glowing eyes. I know he’ll catch me, but why do I want him to?

Things are happening to me that I can’t control or explain, that only I can see. Magic pours from me like a scarlet river and this locket around my neck pulses with dark, electric energy. I think it’s what he wants…but he isn’t the only thing on the hunt for it. Demons hide around every corner, they attack mercilessly and relentlessly – the only thing they seem to be afraid of is him.

That should be a warning, except there’s something inside me that begs to be near him. I feel it like a magnet, drawing me closer and I’m running out of reasons to fight it.

He is the Prince of Hell…and he’s either my savior or my damnation…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban