The Rogue

by Lee W Brainard

2019 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal winner in Christian Fiction

“Enormously satisfying and exciting … bolstered by excellent scientific background.” (Amazon reviewer)

A planet-sized comet is on collision course with Mars, and the government has imposed a cover-up. The White House fears that if the public discovered that deflected bodies—asteroids, planets, or the comet itself—pose a threat to Earth, the nation would erupt in panic and chaos.

When rookie astronomer Irina Kirilenko warns her friend Ariele Serrafe of the impending danger, she unleashes an explosive chain of events, and both find themselves in the crosshairs of federal agents.

The Rogue is the first volume of the Planets Shaken series, a thought-provoking thriller based on the mysterious line in Luke 21:26, “The powers of the heavens shall be shaken.”

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Category: Hard Science Fiction