The Rise of The Dominion

by D. M. Marshall

A desperate leader. An old and fearsome enemy unleashed. A new galactic war approaches.

Riccard Brams, the ruler of the Dominion, seeks lasting peace with the Commonwealth but is under attack by enemies unknown.

The powerful Edo, who possess mystical powers from the ‘High’ beings of the Astral plane, agree to help Brams. They are plunged into a conflict that threatens not just the Dominion, but the entire galaxy. Raichel Ison, along with a hand-picked team of Edo, travel to the Dominion. Little do they know that Brams is using them as bait to lure out his enemy.

Other enemies lurk in the shadows, growing in strength. The Edo are mighty and noble, but few in number. They’ve sworn to protect the galaxy, but will this be their last stand?

The Rise of the Dominion is the first book of an exciting new series The Dominion War.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera