The Rise of Oshbob: City of Artem

by Kevin Sinclair

Violence can only take you so far in the city of Artem. Which means orcs don’t do so well, compared to the conniving elves and humans.
If an orc was to rise up from the slums, they’d probably have to go about things a little bit differently. Use their gray matter a little more effectively. Or, they could just be so tough and overwhelmingly violent that very little can stand in the way.

Oshbob decided to do both.

“When you think of Orcs, you think of brutish warrior types, so having a canny businessman type is a new one… an interesting mish mash of riches and poverty with an elective mix of tech and biological subjects.”
“The world setting is a dark futuristic one with lots of bad people. A great story.”
“Storyline is fast-pasted with deep characters. I can’t wait for the next one.”

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk