The Rewind Conspiracy Boxset #1

by Jill Cooper

Time travel. Murder Mystery. Virtual Reality. Government conspiracy. All tangled together in this three book boxset. Lara Crane never knew time travel would lead to this.

Time Trap: Lara Crane wants nothing more than to save her mother’s life and with the secrets of time travel at her disposal, she sets out to do just that. But, she doesn’t count on how life will change when her wish comes true. Now in the middle of a government conspiracy, being chased by the mob, and a senator out to use time travel to cement her power, Lara Crane will need to use time travel to save her life and her family.

Time Loop: Lara Crane thought she was out, but they keep sucking her back in. Time Travel mingles with Virtual Reality in ways that distort the truth. Can Lara Crane see through the perfect VR utopia to fight her way out into the real world?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel