The Renegade Within

by Mark Johnson

She compromised her greatest beliefs. Her quest for redemption will risk everything.

Terese dreams of attaining the Seekers’ highest ranks. But if they discover her role in a disastrous experiment that ended in the inexplicable massacre of hundreds, she’ll suffer punishment and exile. With the suspicious eyes of her superiors watching closely, she pursues the massacre’s four survivors before they can spread their infection and implicate Terese.

Torn from her daughter and plagued by guilt, she leads her company to isolated lands, but as she closes on her prey, Terese discovers a greater threat to her than she believed possible. And the secrets she unearths change everything she thought she knew about the organization she devoted her life to.

Will Terese betray her vows and risk her life to bring a brutal conspiracy to light before more innocent victims die?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic