The REM Machine

by Lena Raye Scott

She wants out of the criminal underworld. But first she has to remember her sins…

New York, 2061.

Kara Danilenko wakes in hospital with no memory of her past criminal life as a gang leader selling drugs and guns. She is stunned to learn she’s the latest victim of New York’s brutal crime lord, the Supplier.

Max Field, ATF, has been chasing the Supplier since his last partner was butchered by him thirteen years ago, and Kara’s forgotten memory may be the key to unlocking his identity.

Sentenced to prison for her crimes, Kara is given one chance at exoneration—but first she has to agree to relive her gangland deeds in a terrifying memory machine.
As Kara immerses herself deeper into her past, her dangerous journey very soon becomes a fight to survive.

Can Kara bring a crime lord to justice before he silences her forever?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel