The Raven (The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic)

by Aderyn Wood

Clan of the Cave Bear meets Epic Fantasy…

The clan’s survival is under threat, but one has the power to save them – their Outcast.

In the Wolf Clan, in winter’s darkest hour, a baby is born with a powerful gift. But dangerous omens brand her an Outcast, and the Elders name her Iluna.

As Iluna comes of age, dark magic, war, and treachery soon jeopardize the life of every clan member; many suspect Iluna and her gift. Is she to blame? Or is she salvation?

Iluna must decide: save the clan, or save herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Aderyn Wood

Game of Thrones meets the Bronze Age…

Prince Sargan is the worst swordsman in all Zraemia. His clumsy performance draws scorn from his uncle, pity from his sister, disappointment from his father, and sniggers from everyone else.

But soon, Sargan will enter the temple and begin his long-awaited path to the seat of high priest.
His brother will one day inherit the throne.
His sister will marry.
The enemy king will leave them alone.
And all will be right with the world.

Unless… the gods change the game.

And when the gods play, the game turns to war – the Great War.

Ancient prophecies surface, dark enemies rise, new allies emerge, old ones can’t be trusted, magic scorches the earth, reluctant heroes are made, and nothing is ever the same again.

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