The Rain

by L.A. Frederick

As blood and chaos stain the streets, one man stands against the tide of destruction…
Reinhardt is determined to unravel the corrosive corruption. Mutant humans burst into existence while mysterious water falls from the sky, and the lone vigilante uses his enhanced abilities to hunt down the putrid sludge infecting his home. But after he draws the attention of a psychotic scientist, he himself becomes the prey of a monstrous enforcer.

Clawing back territory from a power-hungry mayor and an infamous gang, Reinhardt teams up with a journalist searching for answers to explain the nightmarish rain. And when they discover a lab filled with grisly experiments, he fears the fight against the rising horror will end with his own gory death.

Can Reinhardt survive the sadistic showdown without staining his soul?

The Rain is the eerie first book in The Mutant Rain science fiction series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic