The Rain

by L.A. Frederick

A mutated superhero. An evil scientist. When justice comes to the corrupt-ridden metropolis, will anyone survive?

When the raindrops touch him, mutant Reinhardt’s enhanced strength and awareness pulse through his green-glowing veins. Using his superhuman abilities, the mysterious vigilante stalks those who turned his home into an anarchic chaos of violence. But when his activities attract the attention of a demented genius, Reinhardt is forced to mount an attack… or become the hunted.

Desperate for answers, he teams up with an intrepid journalist to expose the doctor and protect New Hampton. And when they discover the fiend’s secret lab, they fear the horror he’s unleashed with his unspeakable experiments can never be stopped.

Can Reinhardt save the city before the psychotic mastermind lines the streets with carnage?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian