The Race of a Lifetime

by D.B. Förster

Blaise Richards is simply tired of life. With the failure of his career, collapse of his family, and suicide of his wife, all he wants is a way out. Unexpectedly, his wish is granted by a strange being with an offer Blaise has no choice but to accept: Run a perfect race for his immortal soul in exchange for a lifetime of solitude in which to train.

The one relief from his incredible loneliness is a device that allows Blaise to travel to any of his life’s memories. In time, he learns that he can alter history from within his recollections, but such changes come at high cost. Re-living the past means facing his demons, or simply not living at all. The choice he eventually makes leads him through a journey of hedonism, humanity, love, confrontation and, ultimately, a chance for personal growth. The question is whether Blaise can save himself by heeding the lessons of his own story.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel