The Queen of the Milds

by D.P. Rowell

An ancient enemy. An encroaching doom. When a young royal manifests mysterious powers, can she brave the wilds to save her people?

Princess Angel strives to do what’s best for her citizens. But when she learns a great menace has escaped the abyss, she struggles in vain to convince her parents of the looming peril. Discovering she has powerful magic uncontrollably coursing through her veins, she searches for a way to escape her overprotective mother and risk everything to rescue the realm.

Finally able to pursue her quest, Angel swallows her fears and sets out to find the supernatural beings she’s convinced can help humanity. But as she grapples with her erratic magical gift to defend herself from bloodthirsty assassins, she’s terrified her path through a forest infested by giants could lead to certain death.

Can Angel thwart the evil snapping at her heels?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age