The Quantum Door

by Jonathan Ballagh

Discover what lies beyond the Quantum Door. The mysterious woods behind Brady and Felix’s house have been deserted for years. But things change when a fence goes up and the brothers notice strange things happening at night. From the moment they dare cross the fence, the brothers enter a world of dark technological secrets that will rock the foundation of everything they know to be true. And once they enter, there’s no turning back. Some places are better left alone…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

The Quantum Ghost

by Jonathan Ballagh

On a cold autumn night, twelve-year-old Remi Cobb makes a startling discovery—a mysterious object floating on the pond in her backyard. With no idea where it came from, or how it got there, Remi is compelled to unravel its secrets. Her quest for answers takes her on a perilous journey across realities, where she finds a crumbling world—and the dark forces behind its ruin. Here she learns the truth about her connection with the strange object, and of those that will stop at nothing to destroy them both. But even if she can find a way to survive, can she find a way home?

“Ballagh brings another perspective to his Quantum Worlds, immersing us further into this believable dual reality.”
– Daniel Arthur Smith, author of Spectral Shift

“A dynamic and original high-tech adventure that will take you to the edge of your seat—and beyond.”
– Eamon Ambrose, author of Zero Hour

Previously $2.99