The Purple Haze

by Andrew Einspruch

Her twin abducted. A treacherous rescue mission. Can an unproven princess escape a prophecy of doom?

As Future Ruler and Heir with an almost-useless magical gift, Princess Eloise is in no rush for the throne. But a seer foretells her twin’s peril, and a simple rescue quest becomes a complicated journey filled with danger.
Eloise’s desperate hunt turns to disaster when she’s slammed behind bars in an unfamiliar realm. Even though she persuades the monarch to set her free and help secure a ship, she finds herself sailing headfirst into a deadly fog.
Can Eloise find her sister and her own strength before falling into the mist’s lethal embrace?
The Purple Haze is the sharp-witted first book in the Western Lands and All That Really Matters humorous fantasy series. If you like tongue-in-cheek humor, vivid medieval worlds, and clever cultural references, you’ll love this lively adventure.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic