The Prophet: The Complete Series

by David Beers

First, he’ll infiltrate us.
Then, he’ll pit us against one another.
Then, he’ll annihilate us.
They call him The Prophet.

Earth, 9018 A.D.

There’s no war. No revolutions. Peace reigns.

Raylyn protects this peace. Commanding an elite task force, she snuffs out revolutions as they arise. Dedicated to the government, she easily destroys anyone who disrupts the status quo.

But rumors float of a new leader rising.

One amassing followers.

Whispers say he’s a prophet and speak of unimaginable powers. They say he’s bringing war to cleanse the world.

Raylyn only cares about one thing: using her task force to eliminate him before his strength grows.

Because he can’t be all-powerful. He can’t be bringing war.

Raylyn’s life work helped create a tranquil world. Can she prevent a war that will engulf everything and everyone?

Or is it already here?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion