The Promised One (Cherokee Mists Book 1)

by Win and Meredith Blevins

“Adventure, drama, emotion, magic, imagination, mysticism, insight into prehistoric peoples—this book is an amazing ride into the unknown!” Tony Hillerman.

The Promised One is a magnificent retelling of a Cherokee legend. It brings to life an ancient people and a time of magic in an intimate storyteller’s voice.

A young Shaman of the Galayi people has had a powerful and frightening vision. It is about the Eagle Feather Cape, a gift of the Thunderbird and worn by the Seer of the People to look into the future and receive guidance from the gods. But the cape is torn and bloody, and it will no longer bring visions. The Shaman’s truth also tells her of the cure—a child will be born to the People, a hero who will restore the cape and return the goodwill of the gods. Dahzi may be that hero, but he will be mightily tested by his family, his people, and by the gods.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends