The Problem with Uncle Teddys’ Memoir

by Ed Charlton

“I write at a distance, of course. How far? How far?”

Teddy’s tales of a cruel alien empire and the city of Aleronde plunge two friends into a mystery.

By sending his Uncle Teddy’s memoir to publisher Curt Bookman, Theo Kingman stirs up puzzling memories—memories Curt has shared with no one.

Can Aleronde be real? If so, Earth is in danger from its massive space fleet.

Can Curt acknowledge the past and save Earth’s future?

Letters, emails, and office notes surround the pages of Uncle Teddy’s manuscript to build a tale of empire, slavery, and betrayal in this first book of The Aleronde Trilogy.

The trilogy continues with Saint John’s Ambulatory and concludes in Aleronde the Great.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure