The Prism Affect

by J Wint

Earth can no longer sustain itself.
Storms blanket the planet, our future uncertain. All seems lost until the creation of the Skylight System. The orbiting wonder rekindles hope for everyone including a young man named Jet Stroud. When he arrives at Skylight University he sees an opportunity to live a life he never thought possible. There’s just one problem. He’ll be dead soon.
Thanks to his rare condition, E.M., legend says he’ll be dead before he’s twenty-four. He can’t outrun his fate, but maybe he can outsmart it. E.M. comes with one very noticeable trait, though—his eyes glow. As he quests for a cure, his condition worsens and he begins to see odd symbols and holographic prophecies. But the most disturbing symptom shocks him to the core. The ghost of a former student begins to follow him. In the end he will discover something that may change the fate of the human race forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure