The Prince of Kaloria

by Romana Drew

A story of courage, determination, and love.

Eshley, the Prince of Kaloria and future King of Ashlaria, is kidnapped, tortured, and nearly blinded by intragalactic drug dealers. He escapes, finding himself stranded on a pre-industrial world where he looks more like the drug-dealing overlords than the locals. Volyta, a lovely farm girl, befriends him. Somehow, even with his limited vision, he must steal a spaceship from the drug lords and fly home to stop the war between his kingdom and Lashon.

As much as he loves Volyta, only marriage to Princess Cendry, the volatile and unstable daughter of the Lashon king, will stop the war. But even that isn’t enough. Factions inside Lashon are demanding racial equality and threatening civil war. And the patriarch is building an army for a holy war.

Volyta may not be Eshely’s wife, but she has his love. And she has her own plans for his

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure