The Priest

by James Eggebeen

Everyone knows the gods were long dead. But what if one of them survived?

When the magic came awake in Sulrad, it cost him everything. His family, his home, and his dignity. Getting invited to study magic in the wizards’ city of Amedon was a step in the right direction, but it set him on a path that would land him in even more trouble than he was already in.

Outcast from the wizarding society, Sulrad falls back on the obscure and unpopular religion his father clung to, and took it to heights even his father’s god had never imagined. For a while, the temple of Ran grew in peace, spreading healing across the land. Sulrad finally gained the acceptance he had always longed, for. But the enemies he’d made along the way took his success as a threat.

Beset on all sides, Sulrad calls on the power of Ran to save him, but Ran is a fickle god…

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Category: Fantasy – Epic