The Precipice

by Shawn Inmon

This edgy new Post-Apoc thriller cracks the class system wide open and leaves it bleeding between the pages.

In 2032, there are more than five hundred billionaires worldwide. In 2033, there are none.

As a teenager, Quinn Starkweather builds a computer program that accurately predicts world events. He has created a Nostradamus machine.

While Quinn becomes very wealthy, the program predicts the world will be torn apart by financial inequity. The 99.9% will rise up against the billionaires in what is dubbed The Rage Wars.

The world stands on the razor’s edge of disaster.

With enough warning of the coming apocalypse, Quinn builds an ark in the desert – a self-sufficient domed city he calls Altor.

But a powerful band of anarchists, The Fifteen, revel in the world burning. They are intent on not just sabotaging Altor, but destroying everything.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic