The Power Within

by Nicole R. Taylor

A vampire with a thirst for revenge. A witch who doesn’t know she’s a witch. In this small Australian town, darkness is waiting to rise…

When Holly Burke’s eccentric aunt dies, she’s drawn to the country town of Dunloe. The small community is haunted by its violent Gold Rush past, where deadly paranormal secrets lay as thick as gold in the hard quartz below their feet.
Oblivious to the supernatural world, Holly soon finds herself in the middle of a war for power that’s been raging for almost two centuries. A power, according to legend, her family holds the key to. The catch? She has to die.
Trapped between two warring sides—witches and vampires—Holly must unravel the secrets hidden deep within the pages of history in order to save her future.
For without the power within, she doesn’t stand a chance.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban