The Planetsider Trilogy box set

by G J Ogden

The ENTIRE Planetsider Trilogy in one box set. Over 1,100 pages of post-apocalyptic sci-fi, military action, twists and turns.

On a fallen world with a dark history, Ethan and the other rangers protect the fragile remains of civilization from savage roamers, twisted by a sickness known as the Maddening. He longs to know what caused the apocalypse, but when off-world soldiers crash to the planet’s surface in search of a planetsider and offering the truths he desires, Ethan must abandon his home and take sides in a deadly war that has raged for generations. Who will he choose to save and can he himself be saved?

The Planetsider Trilogy is a gripping, post-apocalyptic military thriller and a journey of discovery, as Ethan uncovers the dark past of his planet and becomes embroiled in a war that threatens the fate of two civilizations, and the existence of life itself, planetside.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic