The Path of a Titan: The Proving

by John Bennett

Harmony born, and outcast to the world, Carson Paul, is a young sixteen year old high schooler living in the territory of Harmony. Built around a set of gangs that run the streets, stores, and its people, life is a free-for-all. One night after the mysterious disappearance of his parents, Carson and his sister, Kylie, are forced into a crowded orphanage to rot for the foreseeable future. With vengeance and anger coursing through his veins, and a list of questions needing to be answered, Carson must choose to either take action or live the rest of his life in question. He must find a way to escape Harmony and smuggle himself into the capital territory of Alannah to enter the Proving: A fifty-mile race through treacherous terrains, carnivorous predators, and worst of all, hundreds of other competitors.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure