The Paranormalist Books 1- 4: The Complete Series Box Set

by William Massa

Experience the 4-book supernatural occult dark fantasy thriller series THE PARANORMALIST in a specially priced boxed set for a limited time. The collection includes the first four volumes: Servants of the Endless Night, Soul Taker, Curse of the Abyss and The Unearthly.

My father worshiped the forces of darkness. I fight them.

Fifteen years ago, the FBI took down Mason Kane, the most notorious cult leader and practitioner of the dark arts the world had ever seen. On that fateful day, a monster died, and a demon/ghost hunter was born.

I refuse to be like my dad. To embrace his dark legacy. That’s why I’ve devoted my life to becoming an expert on the occult and applying my knowledge for good. Armed with the magic of my father’s ceremonial blade, I assist the world’s law enforcement agencies when things get weird. But no matter how many monsters I defeat, will it ever be enough to wash away the sins of my father?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban