The Pairings

by Ramona Finn

Generations ago, humanity was devastated by a virus that wiped billions from the planet. If not for AmeriGlobe’s rigid control over society’s remnants, and VaxWell’s immunity-boosting biomods, humans would’ve gone the way of the dinosaurs. But a sinister purpose underlies the need for adherence to the strict rules—and it has nothing to do with the ZERO Virus.
Lora has sought to conform to the rules, but now she stands on the brink of a prestigious pairing with a high-caste young man. Accepting the match will change her lower-class circumstances and also help her hard-working father, who’s sacrificed so much for her since her mother’s suicide.
But Lora never counted on the sparks that ignite when she meets her intended’s striking brother—the fact that he has secrets which are directly entangled with his brother and her own life only makes him more intriguing…

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian