The Outcast Brotherhood of Bonnehampton

by M.F. Soriano

A towering fortress of mortar and stone, the Cathedral of the Goddess looms over the city of Bonnehampton and casts its shadow across the land. Within the Cathedral, faithful clerics command divine powers to heal, to purify, and to punish.

For an injured woodcutter in the nearby countryside, the Cathedral is his only hope for recovering from a crippling wound. For a non-human scavenger living in the city slums, the Cathedral is the authority that keeps his race oppressed. And for a mystic savage dwelling in the wilds beyond the city’s reach, the Cathedral is an as-of-yet unknown entity, though it will soon threaten the very survival of his people.

Fate will bring these three young men together. The Cathedral will make them outcasts. And being outcasts will make them brothers.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic