The Orphans of New Lur

by Blake Vanier

Iona and Nero are Human orphans; one born with powers she can’t explain, the other bound to a terrifying friend no one else can see, both hunted by a woman that does not fail.

When a ragtag bunch of five orphans stumble upon glowing canisters containing ethereal weapons designed to fuse with a Human’s soul, they unwittingly risk life and sanity by opening them.

One canister is overlooked as it appears empty, but a lack of light in their world does not correlate to a lack of power in the other. Nero opens it to find an otherworldly being that cannot survive unless it finds a host; a being that must decide to either kill Nero or accept his offering…

Confused and exhilarated, the empowered orphans must adapt to their new abilities to keep each other alive, as Isis, a woman of incomparable will, is determined to pursue these Humans in search of secrets to an ancient civilization.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Blake Vanier

Nero is slowly losing his friend. He will do anything to save them, even if the consequences are terrifying.

Several years have passed since the orphans joined the rebel group Catalyst. Unfortunately, Catalyst has a traitor and Iona is determined to find a way to protect what she now calls home. Nero on the other hand, is in over his head, dealing with more immediate problems. He is desperate to help his friend and quickly running out of options.

Meanwhile, Isis’s patience with the Human terrorists is dwindling. Her hard won mole is acting elusive, but that is a small hiccup in her plan to crush the insurgency once and for all. Unfortunately, world troubles are brewing and Isis’ brutal efficiency might be the only thing slowing a force that has long stayed in the background.

Like a storm, some things cannot be stopped; only endured. The Havityns are stirring, and people will die

Previously $4.99