The Omega Children – The Return of the Marauders

by Shane A. Mason

Four cousins inherit powers after their parent’s death, and are whisked away to a land hidden deep in the southern reaches. They find a civilization that has not progressed past the Victorian era, discovering also it is the land of their parent’s birth.

Brutal discipline and strength are hammered into the children and students of the land – the very opposite of the tenants the cousins were raised with; play, imagination and creativity.

With no training they are to finish what their parents could not – the rescue of brutalized children and the overthrow of the regime.

But there is a catch. Their powers only work when playing. This sets them vastly at odds with the ruling class of the land.

Behind the scenes, a former companion of their parents plots their downfall, maneuvering them into an ultimate showdown.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic