The Old Gods

by John Brunsdon

Norway: 1000 The Age of Vikings is drawing to a close as the last believers in the gods of Asgard yield to the growing power of the God of Rome. But in the bewildering mists of the great ocean there is a place where neither can hear your prayers: a place where the Old Gods still walk the earth.

Young, fame-hungry warrior Einar Leifsson dreams of hearing his name sung in heroic verse, but a run-in with trickster poet Eilífr Goðrúnarson sees him forced to join a band of outcast mercenaries guiding the king’s skald and two Christian priests on a glory-less mission to bring God to the wildmen of Groenland.

Fate offers a darker path when a mysterious Skraeling tells him of a lost island of ‘dragons’; revealing its secret in exchange for a promise to deliver his curse to the monster who took the last of his people. But the price of glory is high, and it is never certain who will be paying.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical