The Nothing Within

by Andy Giesler

“This magical, terrifying, and whimsical debut is a genuinely original and immersive take on post-apocalyptic SF.”–Publishers Weekly starred review

In 2161, the first chimera arose. A year later, twelve billion people were dead. The few who survived called it the Reckoning.

Centuries later in what was once Amish country, their descendants hide in rustic walled villages cowering from chimeras. They revere tradition. They fear innovation. They mistrust anything that’s different.

Root couldn’t be more different.

Curious and irreverent, she disquiets her village. Blind daughter of the village guardian, she stands apart. Frustrated with a wall-bound life, she grudgingly accepts it–until she hears the voice that no one else can hear.

Root’s journey will take her into the wilds where, outcast and hunted, she must save her people–and unravel the mystery of who she really is.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic