The Northern Prince

by Stephen Calin

The World is on the brink of destruction, though, no one knows it…Yet

The realm of Ellos has enjoyed a fragile peace over the last two and a half centuries. But time has a way of eroding things. As old alliances are forgotten and wisdom gives way to folly, the kingdoms of Ellos prepare for an impending war.

In a feat of great timing, just as war begins to stir, a mysterious northern prince, from an unknown part of the world, brings knowledge and gifts to the rulers of the kingdoms. Then he disappears as eerily as he first came.

Three bands of adventurers pursue the mysterious benefactor, each with their own purpose in mind.

The lightcrafter Yessead must now find a way to unite and guide them to uncover the truth if they’ll ever stand a chance to defeat the malice that is about to befall the land.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic