The Night Comes Alive

by Ross Hughes

Beware the night and those who roam it with fangs and eyes of the brightest blue …

On the cusp of maturity at the age of twelve, Spot de León has the innocence to see what others cannot.

Piercing the veils of illusion woven all around him, he soon realises the world is not at all as he had thought.

A secret centuries-old war is being waged in the streets.

The damned stalk the night, draining the blood of innocents, and the mysterious Crows are the only ones who seem to know.

Beware the city of Justiqua, where even Knights are not safe from nightmares, a city bankrupted by Crusades, where poverty and crime are rife and a plague cripples the populace.

Beware the city of Vampyres, where the Old One lurks in catacombs deep underground.

Beware when the night comes alive …

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Category: Dark Fantasy