The New Frontiers Series, Book One: The Ship

by Jack L Knapp

What if there was a better way? A true electronic space drive, reliable, safe, and cheap to operate?
But developing Nicola Tesla’s revolutionary space drive is only the beginning. Building a spaceship takes money, management, and engineering. Lots of it.
Industries, threatened by the new technology, will try to shut the company down. Governments, including foreign and even the US government will try to take it over.
And even if you DO manage to build a working spaceship, what will you do with it? How can you recoup the initial investment and finance more ships?
How is a small company, barely one step from bankruptcy, to overcome such odds?
From a new industrial revolution to the brink of global war, restless humanity presses onward, eventually to the first contact with an alien species. There will be changes…if we survive.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure